Cutting Activities

Cutting Activities

Cutting up paint swatches

Children love to cut along the white lines of the paint chip cards and then you can give them a glue stick and a blank sheet of paper to create a picture or mosaic.


Colorful plastic drinking straws

Straws are fun and fairly easy for young children to cut through. This is a lot of fun because the straws make a snap when they’re cut, and they fly into the air causing lots of laughter. Once your straws are all cut up, you can string some yarn through the pieces to make a necklace.


Styrofoam meat trays

These are another fun thing to practice scissors skills on. Like the drinking straws, there’s a neat sound that comes along with cutting through the Styrofoam. Scissors slice through the Styrofoam easily, and the pieces can be used for crafting. Remember to wash your meat trays before playing with them.

Play Doh

Play dough is easy to cut through so it provides a great medium for little ones to get started with, and it is fun. You can give your child regular safety scissors for this activity, or you can use plastic scissors designed for cutting dough.


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