July Activity Checklist


You can have a summer of fun trying these activities from Country Kids pediatric occupational therapist Molly Markland:

  • Run through a sprinkler or a hose.
  • Play catch with a water balloon.
  • Draw a picture of a rainbow with sidewalk chalk.
  • Wash a car or a bike with a bucket of soapy water.
  • Try to gallop or skip around the yard.
  • Blow up the balloon and see if you can keep it in the air for 10 hits.
  • Blow bubbles and then try to pop them with your pointer finger.
  • Pretend to fly around the yard like a butterfly.
  • Cut a straw into small pieces and then string for a necklace.

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Deadline to Register for Sensory Handwriting Summer Camp is July 21

When: August 14, 15, 16, 2017 (Mon., Tues., & Wed.)

Time: 9:00 – 11:00 AMCountry Kids Logo final

Ages: 5 through 9

Minimum Participants: 4 Maximum Participants: 8

Fee: $100.00

Registration: Call (920) 339-0700 by July 21, 2017

Purpose of Group: This is a perfect camp to give your child a jump start for handwriting success with the return of school soon approaching. Children will improve handwriting through fun, engaging activities at this camp.

Goals of the Group:
● Build confidence for handwriting
● Improve pencil grasp
● Improve hand strength
● Improve hand dexterity
● Improve fine and gross motor skills

Leader of Group: This camp will be led by an OT trained in Handwriting Without Tears using a developmental multi-sensory and fun approach to writing.